Test Corrections

So this is something I’ve done ever since I started teaching–just because my master teacher did it when I was student teaching.  So I just assumed everyone had heard of it or thought about it, but I guess not everyone had, so here are some of my thoughts on this:

  1. The corrections should take more time than studying would have… encouraging students to study for their test next time.
  2. They can only make up to half the points they missed: so a 60 can become an 80, etc.  That way they don’t intentionally bomb the test and just do the test corrections afterwards.  It always pays off to study.
  3. It’s in the assignment below so I won’t go too far in depth, but basically students must (1) get the correct answer, (2) show their work (if they got it right the first time, then they wouldn’t necessarily have to!), and (3) explain what they did wrong in the problem.  Hopefully step three will help them next time they take a test.
  4. I’ve struggled with whether students can help each other or not.  I don’t want just copied answers and work, which is why step 3 is important, but I also don’t want students to feel hopeless.  I generally make the rule “they can work with other teachers, friends, or parents, but not students in the class who also took the test”.

Here’s what I hand the students and this should explain my process a little better.  Let me know if something is unclear so I can rewrite it to be as clear as possible for my students!!



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3 responses to “Test Corrections

  1. I’ve always liked this idea. But the students never seem to fully take advantage of it. Perhaps, I don’t emphasize it enough. I don’t know. I like how you force them to reflect on why they got it wrong too. Good stuff!

    • Thanks! You’re right, the students who don’t need it are the ones who typically do the test corrections to bump their grade up just that little bit. At the beginning of the year, especially if there are a lot of low scores on the first test, I entice them by offering 3/4 credit back (and do some sample calculations to show them what their grade could be). It’s kind of like an “opening day sale” in the business world–get them to try it once and they (hopefully) come back for more next time!

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