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So I just wanted to post my class’s website up here so that other teachers can hopefully take ideas away from it, and so that I can receive suggestions.  I am fortunate that my school is not a part of a school system which requires all teachers to use some crappy software for a website, so I use the free website designer  It was the easiest to use and (more importantly) allows an unlimited number of uploads as long as they are all under 5 mb.  Please check it out and let me know how I can improve it!

(This semester I am only teaching Chemistry, Precalculus, and Physics, so don’t worry that my “General Science” class seems defunct.  Oh, and Physics doesn’t use the website too much, either, so really just check out Chemistry and Precal.  Thanks!)



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2 responses to “School Website

  1. Your students’ inverse pictures are incredible. What kind of prompt or set up did you give them? Also, I love the provoking questions…do you have more?

    • Thanks! Well, I only picked the best pictures to put online 🙂 Most of the students just drew triangles or quadrilaterals. We had just been working on inverses, and I was explaining how the graphs “flip” over the x=y axis, and asked them if they could visualize it, and they just said they couldn’t. So I told them to go home, and reflect 5 images over the x=y line, just so they know what that type of reflection looks like, and I would give them 10 Participation Points for each graph. I showed them how to reflect in Geogebra, and I also showed them how to hit the “print screen” button and paste that into Microsoft Word, and the simply e-mailed me the Word documents. So they really could have done any picture they wanted to, and I decided to “reward” the best ones by putting them on my website.

      As for the PQ’s, I do have more, but I’ll have to find them. Perhaps I’ll do another post and link as many as possible when I have the time (ha!…). All my math ones so far have been stolen from my predecessor (now my Principal).

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