A Way to Use Geogebra

So I just assumed everyone knew this, but just in case, this is a nifty way for students to quickly send you what they’ve done on any program such as Geogebra or Desmos: just use the “Print Screen Button”!  It actually works really well–it copies something onto the invisible computer clipboard and if you open a Word document and “Paste”, the entire screen will show up there!  Here are some examples of my students sending me things they were actually excited (and proud) to do.  I just assumed that my students could “see” reflections, even across the y=x axis.  Not true!!  So yeah, they pasted 4 or 5 of these in a Word document and e-mailed it to me (most students could do this at school during lunch or their break–I try to be sensitive toward those students without internet/computers at home).  And yes, I gave them a handful of Participation Points to sweeten the deal.



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2 responses to “A Way to Use Geogebra

  1. Oh, the print screen button. Yeah, that’s on of those things obvious enough I’d never think of it.

    I haven’t yet made real use of Geogebra but I’m trying to understand it well enough to deploy.

    • Yeah, I’d recommend just playing around with it and you’ll start to get ideas for class (yeah, with all that free time we have as teachers, right?). I was fortunate to have used Geometer’s Sketchpad back in the day and almost anything you can do from scratch in that you can do in Geogebra (the GSP people would kill me for saying that, though!).

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