Tiered Assessments Take Over

So I’ve been using the tiered assessments more and more these days, and I am really, really liking it.  Perhaps it’s just a taste of what SBG would be if I were to actually try it, but this has been a great “first step”.  In fact, I’m using it so much, that just the other day in Physics, when I gave them a “normal” quiz, I actually felt guilty that I hadn’t properly assessed the students and allowed them to show me what they know!  I felt so guilty that I gave them another quiz, this time based on the tiered assessment idea, and allowed it to replace their first quiz grade!!  Oh, and they all bombed the 1st quiz and aced the 2nd quiz.  Well, they did significantly better, but I’ll bet a large part of that is because I reviewed with the mistakes game on whiteboards, which worked out really well (I gave each group a different question from the first quiz).

Oh, and here are some tiered assessment quizzes for you to peruse and critique!





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