Cutting a Deal with my Classes

I was disappointed with how poorly my students did on their recent Tiered Assessment quizzes.  In order to get a 0 on these things, you basically have to flop every single problem.  And yet, one of my class’s averages were 75, 45, and 57 on three quizzes they took Friday.  Somewhere over the weekend, I had an idea: I told them that they would have a test on this material next week unless they could raise the class average to over 80 for all of these quizzes through retaking the quizzes.  This was especially effective telling them right before sessions (which are one of the best things I’ve gotten from other teachers’ blogs, and that’s saying alot a lot!), so they were invested in each other’s success.

And the best part is, the quizzes already covered all the material, so they wouldn’t be tested on any new material–instead they are retaking the quizzes and studying for them in hopes that they don’t have to retake the test.  All the while, helping each other study for it and learning as they strive for this.  It’s a win-win-win situation!  Now if I could just get them to think critically…


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