Augmented Reality Lesson: Results, Pictures, and a Video!

There were some hitches in my augmented reality Around the World review activity.  First, I found out the morning of the activity that the QR Codes which are scanned by the Augment app expire after a certain amount of time.  So I created new QR Codes hoping they would last just an hour, that is, until my first class started the activity.  However, at the beginning of class it was not working either, so fortunately I was able to tell them to search for a specific compound, such as “NF3”.  This worked because there are not tons of models on their site yet, and so searching for “NF3” in their app only found the model I had created for them.  However, this had the drawback of showing students the description I wrote, where I put the correct name of the VSEPR shape of the molecule for my own use.  Oops.  I fixed it quickly by editing it online, but not after a handful of students saw the answer without thinking about the shape.

**EDIT Update: A representative from Augment contacted me sending just a normal “hey, how’s the app going?” e-mail, and I decided to reply with my above question about the QR Codes not working.  He explained why they were non-permanent, but he also said that he could make me permanent QR Codes if I needed them!  Awesome!!  Unfortunately this activity is over, so I don’t need them now, but I will definitely keep that in mind in the future.  He also explained that they were moving in the direction of creating a “For Educators” section, which would include permanent QR Codes.  What an awesome company!**

However, overall it was a great success.  I’ll leave a handful of pictures, and a video, for you to show the student’s enthusiasm.

2012-12-10 09.31.56

2012-12-10 10.59.15

2012-12-10 11.04.23

2012-12-10 11.04.50

Here are the QR Code Sheets which I cut up and posted around the room, if you would like to use them or see how it is done.  Notice that the Augment app QR Codes no longer work for the models I created.

Oh, and here are the wrong answers, most of which have some kind of helpful statement to get them on the right track.



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3 responses to “Augmented Reality Lesson: Results, Pictures, and a Video!

  1. Ville R

    Exciting work with AR. What kind of feedback did you receive from the kids? Were there students who didn’t like AR or were everyone excited?

    • Yeah, all the students seemed to be excited and into it, probably because it is so easy and intuitive to use: you point the iPad at the sheet of paper and look at the screen. Of course, for the activity, AR was only a fraction of the whole activity: the rest of the activity involved them walking around in a class where they usually sit, so they might have been excited about that instead.

      The real question I have for AR is whether it will retain their interest for a long period of time. It is still incredible and awesome to me, and I’m still incredibly fascinated by it but, (1) I’m also incredibly fascinated by, say, math, which, by itself, doesn’t interest most of my students and (2) I didn’t grow up with smart phones in my hand, so my students may look at this just like I look at the light switch (okay, not quite so dramatically, but you get the idea). I need to figure out more lessons to use it to see if it continues to capture their attention and fascination.

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