Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Video Response Form

I really want to try flipping my classroom for a while, but the huge obstacle is that not all of my students have internet access at home.  However, my smallest classes have a large enough percentage that I think it will work out: Physics and my advanced Precalculus.  It will be slow at first, and I won’t be creating all of the videos, but I do have an idea that I think will improve student interaction with these videos.

I’ve used Google Docs to create a survey for students to fill out after watching the video.  They first tell me how much of the video they watched and whether they understood it all, and based on that I either make them answer a question that they could only understand from watching the video, or I make them ask a question that they have because they were lost.  I am trying this first on my advanced students and we’ll see how well they interact with the form.

Here’s my website where I will direct students to go for HW.  The form is at the bottom of the page.   If you would like to interact with the form, here is a copy of my form that you can test out for yourself (or copy for yourself) which won’t interfere with my students’ responses on my website.  Here’s what the results look like on Google Spreadsheets:


Ultimately, I think it would be awesome for a whole video series to be “choose your own adventure” to help students out with misconceptions, but that would require a whole community of people dedicated to educating through online video and it would probably need to be supported financially by someone like Bill Gates, and I just don’t see any organizations around like that…

If you have suggestions for ways to improve the form, please let me know.  Thanks!


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