Visual Patterns

Just wanted to give props to Fawn Nguyen (@fawnpnguyen) with her work on  It’s a great website with 60+ visual patterns and it even comes with a nice half-sheet you can print out and give to students that is basically self-explanatory.  Even my Precal students enjoyed it as a “back-from-break-warmup” to get them thinking, and I KNOW they benefited from it, even though I think it is intended to target a younger audience.

I’ve printed out several of those sheets and now that I’m offering participation points for them, students are hungry to do more, which is wonderful!



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3 responses to “Visual Patterns

  1. Hey, Jonathan, thanks so much for the mention here and glad you could use it! Maybe one of your students could help us out with surface area of Pattern #47 🙂 We just posted a few exponential ones on there too.

    What would be really helpful to the site (as part of their participation points) is for them to post answers for step 42 in the comments. Thank you in advance!!

    It’s a labor of love and half of those patterns come from other teachers! Thanks again, Jonathan.

  2. That’s great! Yes, I’ll mention the “step 42” to my students (one has already done that!). I was wondering what students could comment on if someone else has already done step 42? Perhaps you could invite late-comers to comment on step 43, and then 44, etc.? Just a thought–keep up the great work!

    As for #47, I’ll definitely make it a “challenge problem” (worth more than usual) for my students and perhaps some would like to tackle it!

  3. Absolutely on the answers for the various steps! Great idea!! Not sure why I stuck with step 42. (Weird me.) I’ll change this on the site too. Thanks a million again.

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