Kickstarter Project: The Number Hunter Promo

Kickstarter is such a great idea: let “the people” choose what should be funded, and let people with great ideas get those ideas out there and funded.

One great idea that was shared with me was a sort of “Bill Nye” meets “Crocodile Hunter” meets math series to spark student interest in math.  I’ll share the project below, as well as a short video explaining it.  As of right now they’ve got 12 days to go and about $2,000 left to raise, so I do hope that they make their goal.

One good thing about Kickstarter is that is the goal is not met, nobody has to pay, so you can support projects that may or may not make it, and not be worried about the worst-case scenario: you pay money to a project that doesn’t happen.  So go out and support the team behind “The Number Hunter”!

Kickstarter Page:



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