Student Feedback: Haha

I have way too much grading to do to be blogging right now, but our principal just offered students the chance to comment on our courses.  I try to do this at the end of each semester, and make it anonymous, but I never thought to use Google Forms before: I suspect the students were worried I could ID their handwriting (which is probably true, though I wouldn’t try unless there was something offensive).

Therefore, I have all these insightful (and some not so insightful) comments that I just HAD to put a few out there.  I don’t even know who wrote these, so I don’t think it’s a breach of privacy to post these where they’ll just be even more anonymous.  Without further ado, here are some of my favorites, and my initial reactions to them:

What are the major strengths of the Instructor?

Organized. Hands on.

Interpretation: yay, they enjoy/like/notice the projects.

He thoroughly explains the material and makes sure that we know it. He’s willing to explain the material when we don’t know it. And is VERY patient.

Flattery doesn’t work when I don’t know who you are, but these confidence boosts are often needed when teaching…

I like how Mr. Newman has these study sessions after we take a quiz.

Score one for sessions!  Thank you again, Amber!

Flexibility and Courage

Very interesting.

The subjects and units move at a good pace that isn’t too fast or too slow. The class is also changed around so it does not become boring or repetitive.

You know how usually you feel like you’re either too fast for the bottom 49.5% and too slow for the top 49.5%?  My first thought was “oh, this comes from the middle 1%”. Hopefully it’s bigger than just 1%.

The labs are fun to do. using the Ipads is cool because the apps can be helpful.

Yay, iPads.

Really funny, cool, smart

Is “cool” something teachers should strive for?  Debate in the comments below.

able to convey great amounts of information to students in a short amount of time

Why do I get the feeling this “positive” comment is going to bite me in the butt for the “negative” question?

The instructer was pretty straight foward and is really organized on what he wants to do. and he goes on with whatever he planed. i like it when quiz are given and how the points are given.

I’ll forgive the spelling since they were typing on an iPad.  And now score one for the Tiered Assessments.

He knows what he is doing. without really thinking about it and has lots of examples

Not sure if that’s a compliment or a hidden insult.  Hopefully they recognize that I think while I’m teaching…

So those were the fun comments–now for the tougher ones.

What are the major weaknesses of the Instructor?

PP points
Kind if talks to fast

Okay, I’ll ignore the “if” for the same reason above, but I think the PPs are the best thing I’ve done this year, so I’ll have to think about that some more.

Talks too fast. (North Carolina thing?)

NC thing?  Not sure about that (they’ve clearly never been there…).

Taught lessons too fast, needs to explain more

Okay, noted.

Talks a little to fast.

Got it.

Talks too fast, I think it is a Wake Forest thing.

Hey now!  A little too personal there…

he talks really fast. he gives too much quizes.

I’ll give you the misspelling due to the iPads, but not the “much” instead of “many”…

-moving to fast

Okay, so yes, I’m seeing a trend.  I’m not sure if it’s because the students discussed their reports as they were giving them, but I received a “talks too fast” or something like it on something like 45 out of the 51 students who reported.  Yikes.  I’ve got a plan I’m going to implement tomorrow, and hopefully blog about afterwards.

He has no weakness… He does not show fear.

Haha, wow, some of my students…

The projects

So some students like them, other don’t… got it.

talks to fasttttt!!!!! and expects to much out of us when it comes to work

I actually consider the 2nd part of that a compliment.  Bwhahaha.

He talks to fast or too confusing at times and keeps asking me to join the tennis team.

Oops.  Guilty as charged.

Sometimes overly gratuitous, although a necessary by-product of higher involvement.

Wow, very well put.  I actually will also take that as a compliment, though I can be meaner if you’d like…

We never use the book, I think it would be good to reflect on the book and what its really saying. Some lectures make since but some don’t make since.

Another interesting point of view.  If they take Physics next year, they’re going to be sorely disappointed in how very little we use that textbook…

We should use the book more often and the notes sometimes seem to simple when i read them.

You’re part of the 49.5%, aren’t you?

He is ugly and stupid. Talks too fast. Is a bit impatient.

Haha, and then there are these students.

   The class is so big that it’s hard for him to help every individual person. If I need help I either won’t get it, or it will take a really long time to get it.

So true.  Wish I had more control over that, but I’m glad you recognize the source of the problem.  This is from my largest class with only 22 students!  I’ve very apprehensive of the day that I go back and teach at public school…

Assumption of excessive knowledge of the pupils.

That could be taken one of two ways: “I hold them to a high standard” or “I don’t scaffold the material enough”.  I’ll watch out for both (the 1st option I consider good, 2nd not so much).

What do you suggest to improve the Course?

More notes and more fun games! Well he doesn’t need much because everything was perfect!!

Wait, which do you want: more notes or more fun games?

Less participation points required. We get the whats being taught, but the participation points distract us from getting homework and other assignments done.

Much better put than others who simply say “PPs are stoopid”.  I’ll have to mull over this more.

We need more laws.

Okay, uhhh: no chewing gum in class.  There, that better?

“More Cowbell.
….and talk slower”

Totally agree.

explainthings alot more well to understand.

I’ll try, I really will…

cancel pp points they are a waste of time and brought my grade down. i dont feel like i gained anything by doing them.

Yeah, read what the person above said.  Side note: If PPs brought a student’s grade down, then they simply didn’t do any work on them.  I’ll listen to the complaint “I do them but am not learning from them”, but I won’t listen to “they take too long” (30 minutes a week is enough time to finish them) or “they brought my grade down”.

   Make the classes smaller…

I’ll try to do what I can…

Set up a blog and let students ask question on stuff like homework or any question. Then either the teacher can answer or so can the students.

Great idea!  I almost have something like this, but I can definitely modify it to fit this need.  Wonderful!

Give more options for participation points like more papers to work on more khan academy.

Clamoring for more KA??  Yeah, it is for some people.

More real life applications to breakup the tediousness of some of the ideas such as stoichiometry.

Yeah, I agree Stoichiometry is one of those tough ones to relate to “real life”.  Sometimes you have to go abstract, but I’ll keep an eye out.

have more fun.

I guess I could take that as either “class is boring, we should do fun stuff” or “we already have fun, we just want moar fun!”  I’ll assume the 2nd.


Not much, what’s up with you?


Wow, that took too long and I’m sorry it went on and on.  Hopefully it was a fast and entertaining read, but it was helpful, if for no other reason than I talk too fast and need to fix that.  But I have ideas.  Now I’ve got to go grade.  Ugh.


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