[SBG] Student Grades & Karate Belts

I was brainstorming about my transition to SBG next year, and I happened to also be thinking about how I reeeeally want to use the ninja board, and so (naturally) I started thinking about karate belts.

What if grading worked like these karate belts? The article I just linked had some interesting points–I especially liked the Pros and Cons, as they are something for teaching to think about, regardless of the way grades are done. Here’s a quote from that article:

The awarding of Karate Belts should be a fantastic time for both the examiner and the student. When the result of long diligent practice of Karate technique is displayed by a student at a serious Karate Grading examination, and when the performance is assessed by a competent, responsible examiner – everyone wins. Any other way and Karate loses.


I also found it interesting how apparently there are only so many belts outside of Japan–the Japanese actually limit themselves to just three colors.  It’s almost as if they’ve tried out different things and know what works. Hmm.

Lastly, I found it somewhat comedic to search online and see how different dojos advanced their students, and I found some mothers complaining about how “they were paying good money but such-and-such dojo only advanced their child slowly” while other dojos advanced students on a quarterly basis–everyone together so they’re always with the same students who entered with them.  Funny to see parents complaining about that kind of thing.

Glad to know we’re not alone.



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2 responses to “[SBG] Student Grades & Karate Belts

  1. My recent board development actually is related to your idea of bringing in SBG. I think I was about to share it on google doc before we ran out of time last time. We’ll chat again soon about it I am sure!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Definitely! I am so far behind on my Google, er… Feedly Reader since tennis season started, but I want to think more about this before too long and I forget all the good things I’ve heard!

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