[SBG] Looking out for Creativity

My father sent me an article [1] from Scientific American Minds about innovation, and came across an interesting report.  Because I don’t know about copyright laws when it comes to unpublished articles, I won’t attach it to my blog, but you can look it up using the info below.  The article argued that while people in leadership positions (like teachers) encourage creativity verbally, they are actually subconsciously adverse to the impracticality that often  is associated with that creativity.

How should SBG interact with (look out for) creativity?  Should it be its own standard?  Are math teachers responsible for instilling and encouraging creativity?  I would say “heck yeah”, but to what extent should we grade our students on that?

I’m toying with the idea of just having a standard “creativity”, just to help me keep looking out for that and rewarding that.  But is that too broad a category?  Could I feel confident that I distinguished between mathematical creativity and lunacy/randomness?


[1] I’ve forgotten how to cite and don’t feel like looking it back up (one of the reasons I’m a math teacher, not an English teacher), but I’ll provide all the necessary info for this article if you desire to seek it out:

Mueller, J.; Melwani, S.; Goncalo, J. The Bias Against Creativity: Why People Desire But Reject Creative Ideas Psychological Science. Sage Publications. (Final version forthcoming–in press)


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