All My Lessons

(and assessments).

Yeah, it’s the end of my 2nd year of teaching Precalculus, Physics, and Chemistry, and I figure I should be able to post my lessons without too much shame.

Actually, I am embarrassed of some things, because I’d like to think I’m a better teacher than I have been, but I think I’m growing.

I’ll do one better than just posting all my lessons: I’ll link my Dropbox for the three classes, so they’ll update as I change them throughout the year.

I’ll also critique each class a little below so you know what’s coming (and so I can reflect, briefly, on where I want to go with my lesson planning).


All my files for Precalculus

Precal changed the most this year, thanks to the mathtwitterblogosphere.  I used to lecture way more, and now I’m actually doing activities where students are learning as they work.  I still hope to get to the level of Fawn Nguyen, but she’s way more creative than me (and more experienced, and just awesomer (<– is totally a word even though Chrome spell-check says “nope”)).

In the future, I hope to have more activities and I want to make the whole subject more cohesive.  Right now it is totally a fragmented mess where students learn isolated units.  Something for me to work on over the summer.


All my files for Chemistry

Chemistry changed the least, but I spent the most time on it my first year around.  Of course, that’s when I thought that lecturing was still the way to go, so it has plenty of good notes (for me, at least) and (now) many decent tiered assessments.

want to change Chemistry and make it more like a modeling class, where students discover properties on their own.  At our school, since math is leveled/tracked early on, it is probably therefore the hardest class that every student is required to take (their Jr. year).  I appreciate that I have students all over the map, but it does get hard in terms of the math sometimes, when you’ve got students in Precal and students in Geometry working together on the same algebra equations.  I think SBG will significantly change the way I teach this, hopefully for the better.


All my files for Physics

Physics was the one I taught worst last year (my 1st year teaching it, and I’m definitely under-qualified).  However, it still is a really fun class, and we get to do awesome projects that (if I have time) I’ll set to a music video.

I tried to go modeling and got there partway.  I was learning a ton as I went, and yet, it still felt like I was putting this class on the back-burner, and for that I apologize to my students.  Everything was brand new this year, and definitely better, though it wasn’t that hard to get better from last year because (in my opinion) it was so awful.

All My Classes

So that’s that.  And I apologize if the links don’t work because I change some folder name further down the line.  If that happens, please shoot me an e-mail, comment below, or tweet @newmjh3.

Oh, and also let me know if you can edit those Dropbox files–I’d rather my assessments not change under me.  🙂


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