SBG Introduction to Students

I’m so excited about starting SBG next year, that I went ahead and made a Prezi to introduce the idea to them.

Disclaimer/Confession/Copyright Warning: All of the ideas (even down to making a Prezi on it!) were stolen from Bowman Dickson (@bowmanimal) and can be found at his blog right here. He was even kind enough to share his Prezi, but his grading system was different enough that I decided to start the Prezi from scratch and just steal his ideas.  That and I don’t look enough like him to fool my students.

Please check out the Prezi here and leave critical feedback so I can improve it before I get the critical feedback from students!

(I was gonna embed it, but doesn’t allow iframes…)



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6 responses to “SBG Introduction to Students

  1. I love the Prezi – a great way to introduce SBG to students (and parents!).

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