What Does THAT Have to Do With Math?

The other day, the Spanish teacher at our school showed me this video:

So, being the wise-guy that I am, I decided to throw it into an ACT-style warm-up (see question #2).

Screenshot from 2013-09-12 14:19:31

The purpose of that question was that “some questions we don’t know the answer to, we can only eliminate guesses, and (on the ACT) we should always guess”. Shamelessly teaching how to take a test, but yeah, I do that every now and then.

Anyway, by the next day, only a few students seemed to have watched the video, so we watched it together. I pointed out the interesting trend of how many people have seen it: 14 million when I saw it in the morning, 15 million that afternoon, and 16 million (roughly) that evening. I asked them  for questions, followed by high and low guesses for how many views there’d be after the video has been out 1 month (yeah, delayed gratification–not the best, I know). And thus started an impromptu 3-Act lesson.

Fortunately Youtube not only gives the number of views, but it even has a few graphs over time for the number of watches of a video. This led to a short discussion of “What should the graph of views look like over time?” and we were able to rule out quite a few.

We stopped when we realized that, even if we had the points, we haven’t learned how to fit functions yet, so we decided to go learn that and put the question on hold.  We’ll see how well this lesson runs when it’s returned to like stale bread: hopefully it won’t be too long and hopefully it doesn’t go stale as fast as French bread (it tastes so good, but it’s like a rock 3 days later!).



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