Take a Look… In my Grade-book

I just wanted to show what my SBG Google-spreadsheets grade-book looks like 3/4 the way through a semester.  Thanks to Julie’s (@jreulbach) trick, the spreadsheet colors itself in when I enter a grade.  A big thank-you to Jim Pai (@paimath) for making brainstorming sessions and helping me to get this worked out over the summer.

Gradebook Look 0

Before today, if I had a quiz which covered several standards that were spread in very different parts of my spreadsheet, then I’d spend most my time, while plugging in grades, just scrolling left and right along the spreadsheet.  Today I had the bright idea to shrink all the columns between the two points so that I can type in everyone’s grades without any scrolling (see below).  Yay Google & spreadsheets.

Gradebook Look

For this last image, I’ve re-sized all the columns to show as many grades as possible in a single view for a single class.  Wow, that’s a lot more grades than I wrote down last year, but I think that’s a good thing.

Gradebook Look 2EDIT

Thanks to Jasmine for reminding me to show you all this: Students have their own spreadsheet they can check which automatically pulls from my spreadsheet.  Here’s what their spreadsheet looks like.

StudentSnapshotIf you want to make the cells change automatically, go to Format –> Conditional Formatting … –> and then check the box for “Background”.





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11 responses to “Take a Look… In my Grade-book

  1. Jasmine

    Wow…that looks beautiful! Can students view their own section? Do you have any sort of live grades that students/parents can see?

  2. I use Excel spreadsheets for lots of data tracking in my class – even though we use an online program for grades, attendance, parent contacts, and discipline. I would love to know how to have the spreadsheet auto color based on the input. How do you do that???

    • If you want to make the cells change automatically, go to Format –> Conditional Formatting … –> and then check the box for “Background”. Thanks to Julie Ruelbach for showing me that. 🙂

      • Thanks for the quick response and the tip. I am going right now to add that feature to my discovery benchmark assessment data table. This weekend I learned how to do that and also how to use command-shift to bring up the spotlight to search in OsX. An all-around useful weekend 🙂

    • And yeah, I have to input all my grades, attendance, etc. into a different program, but that program isn’t as capable as Google Spreadsheets when it comes to SBG and grading the way I want grades to work, so at each marking period (tonight, actually) I have to sit down and translate the grades. Google spreadsheets makes that easy, too, cause it’s just calculations.

      • That makes sense. I love google docs and google spreadsheets because I work on a desktop and laptop at school and a desktop and laptop at home. It was such a pain making sure I saved onto my flash and/or emailed the latest version to myself. Now things are always right where I need them. My district uses SBG for grades K – 5. I can’t wait to share your spreadsheet ideas with my elementary teacher friends. Thanks!!

      • No problem! The thing I used just before Google Docs is Dropbox–you may want to look into that for your other files!

  3. I do like Dropbox – but right now my dropbox is CLOGGED with articles I have downloaded and read over the last two years working on my doctorate. I just keep piling them in there. I need to organize my virtual desk almost as bad as I need to organize my desk at school. Thanks for the reply.

  4. Beautiful! I like the standards base format, and the colours are definitely beautiful!

    My version is working out great as well, thanks for your help and our discussions! Google spreadsheet definitely makes all the difference with respect to student access — compared to the Excel thing I had before.

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