Memes for Participation Points

Over the break I had a new participation points idea, and I’m excited to see where the students take it.

I’m not really sure of the history of internet memes, but I know that they’re still pretty big among HS students right now.  I’ve always been impressed with teachers on other blogs who can use these and incorporate them into their classes, yet are still pretty funny.  So I thought I’d challenge my students to make some up on their own.

My rules (1) it’s got to be related to our class, and (2) it should be funny.  Even more than simply being related to class, it should show that a student understands something in class.  For Chemistry, I’ll give a comparison.

Side note: I simply found these, I did not make them!  I got them from, the website I directed my students to make up their own.  [1]

Here are two examples I gave students:





While both memes are funny, the first doesn’t require any knowledge or understanding of Chemistry beyond the fact that Argon is an element.  However, the second requires that you know that covalent bonds share electrons whereas ionic bonds “take” electrons.  So I would probably give 10 participation points for the first and 20 (the full value) for the second.

They can only turn in 1 meme a week, although they can make as many online as they’d like.  If they go digging and find some obscure one that I’ve never seen, I’d probably be fine with that since one of my goals is to collect more memes.  I just don’t want 30 copies of the same meme from different students or I won’t be giving anyone credit.  But if a student finds an obscure meme, and understands it’s significance with respect to what we’ve been learning, then I say “mission accomplished”.


[1] Be careful sending students here because there’s no filter on the stuff that’s put there.  I teach Jr’s and Sr’s in HS, so I tell them to be careful because the site isn’t PG.  I expect that those students who find R-rated stuff on this website have already seen similar R-rated stuff online.



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4 responses to “Memes for Participation Points

  1. One of my best friends often says ‘If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate.’
    Despite the fact that he busts this out this often, I still love him dearly

  2. So I nominated you for the Sunshine award. I know it might sound a bit cheesy, but I really enjoy the content of your blog and wanted others to see it!

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