Meme “Motivational Posters”

I think I’m not alone if having trouble getting students to retake assessments when they’re given the opportunity, so I decided to make a few “motivational poster” memes to get them to retake my “SAS”es (stands for either “Standard Assessment Scheduling” or “Show A Standard”).

Hope you enjoy:

YUNoRetakeQuizzes DontAlwaysGet4s LetMeGetThisStraight-RetakeAnyQuiz SignUpForSASToday



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4 responses to “Meme “Motivational Posters”

  1. Rob Semmens


  2. What’s an SAS? That’s funny you also use a 4 point rubric scale. That would be a lot of quiz retaking. I allow quiz corrections for .5 is that unreasonable?

    • SAS is short for “show a standard”. It’s my abbreviation for retakes, or students signing up for them.

      I used to do that: corrections for half credit back, but I would rather that students see the work for what it is: practice.

      As far as the “too many retakes” problem, I have found that not enough students retake quizzes.

      Oh, and now I just use a 1, 2, or 3 system, so I’ve simplified it even more!

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