Survey Results: Pace of Class

I just did anonymous student surveys via Google Forms today and, among other things, I found this little nugget of info:

The pace of the class was…

Way too fast (I was constantly behind) 1 2%
A little too fast (I was behind a good bit) 24 41%
Just right. 27 46%
A little too slow (I wanted a little more challenge) 5 8%
Way too slow (I wanted a much bigger challenge) 2 3%


I’m pleasantly surprised by these results (not all of my students were present today, but this represents a majority of them).

What do you think we should be shooting for as teachers?

I believe that, if possible, all students should feel a little “pressed” and “stretched”. I’m actually shocked more students didn’t feel completely overwhelmed[1]. I think it depends on the student whether they should feel “just right”. The student who can really identify when they’re learning knows that being just a little “pressed” or “stretched” is “just right”, although I don’t know how many of my students have that acute an understanding of their own learning.

If I had to pick any two categories to get 87% of the votes in, it would be those two, so I am definitely pleasantly surprised by these results. I definitely have SBG to thank for helping me identify whether the class, as a whole, is able to “move on”.

Now time to see if I can push just a little faster next year (I was “behind” where I was last year, when I didn’t do SBG).


[1] Perhaps those are the same students who would not come to class on the last day of school? Or not feel like providing any feedback and just pretend to take the survey?


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