[SBG] Improved Introduction to Students: Meme Version

Last year I created a Prezi to help me teach students about Standards Based Grading (SBG). It went okay. One of the best things I think I did for the introduction was waiting to hand back at least one quiz so students had something tangible to think about, rather than this abstract discussion on grades. They were hit immediately with the question “what does this 3 mean on this quiz?!?”

I’ve improved the Prezi so much that I basically created a new Prezi and copied just a few items from the old one. I thought more about the flow of discussion in the class that I wanted to have and as a result included some memes that I shared before (and some new ones that I created). Oh, and I’m using ActiveGrade this year, so I’ll certainly blog about that in the future.

Oh, and I wanted to thank Brian Carpenter for making such a great Prezi on grades. I borrowed one item (the Practice = Myelin production bit) and some ideas from his Prezi.

Feel free to use anything from the Prezi, or the entire Prezi! It’s public and reusable 🙂

If the Prezi doesn’t work above for you, click here.



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5 responses to “[SBG] Improved Introduction to Students: Meme Version

  1. Love it!

    I am curious about how you address the 3 raptor questions in the prezi: end of year, memorize, cram the night before.

    • Great question, Jim! That’s one of the things I would discuss with them, which is why it isn’t on the Prezi.

      “Why not just wait until the end of the year?” There’s too much information to cover. Hopefully they’ll see how busy week 2 is if they don’t study week 1 and they’ll make the connection that “whoa, this is too much work to wait 18 weeks!”. I’m planning on having this discussion during week 2 so they are closer to realizing this.

      “Why not just memorize answers?” I give different retests. Fortunately this year I spent making 2-3 versions of each quiz on a given standard. And although I’ll be editing these heavily since I modified my standards, I’ll still make new versions of each quiz so they’ll rarely, if ever, see the exact same questions.

      “Why not just cram?” Because they’re going to be retested again and again on these standards to ensure long-term retention. (This is mentioned a little in the Prezi.)

      Out of curiosity, were you able to see the Prezi embedded in the website or did you have to click on the link?

      Thanks for the questions!

      • Thanks for your responses. I think I would say similar things to students with respect to those questions.

        I went to the link. the embedded prezi didn’t work for me.

  2. Awesome. I’ll probably be coming back here to swipe some ideas for my own slideshow 🙂
    (And the embedded Prezi didn’t finish loading; I did have to click the link)

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