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Another Reason to use SBG

Here’s one more reason why I allow use Standards Based Grading and why I allow students to retake standards. I received this e-mail from a student the other week:

Hello Mr. Newman,
I tried to fill out a SAS for pre calc but wasn’t able to send it. I want to take 1.3- Function Composition, 1.4- Function Inverses and I fixed my domain and range on my presentation that you wanted me to do. I would like to take these quizzes Tuesday at lunchtime please. I have studied the material and have a better understanding.

Students can fix previous projects and retake quizzes. Typically they sign up through my website using Google Forms, but this student’s inability to access that allowed me to see that (at least some of my) students are really getting the grading system: the purpose of these grades are be to check for understanding, not jump through hoops.

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