End of Year Surveys – 2015

Each year I give students a survey[1] to improve my teaching. Each year I’m also tweaking what questions are in the survey. Here are students’ responses.

If you use Google Forms it will automatically give you cool charts and graphs from the data.

2015 Survey Analysis (1)

Similar to last year, most students fell in the “a little too fast” to “just right” range, which is what I want.  Ideally students are pushed and stretched just outside of their comfort zone so perhaps I’d like a few more in the “a little too fast” category, but I can’t complain.

2015 Student Survey (2)

I also wanted to know how to best help students study. The above question was “checkboxes” so students could pick more than one. I’m impressed that every option (even textbook) had at least 12 students selecting it. It also helps me focus on the parts that most students find most helpful.

2015 Student Survey (3)

One focus I wanted to have for next year was for students to know how to get a 1, 2, or 3. I thought I did a terrible job of this (I would have given myself a “not very clear” at the best), but apparently students had a fairly good idea of what was necessary to get a 3.

Next post will include the open-ended questions.

[1] Previous reflections: here, here, and here.


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