[TMC15] Day 1 Reflections

This should only be a short blog post to help me remember what I experienced today. It was super fun and it’s exciting, even if a bit overwhelming, to find that everywhere you turn there are people who have a very similar goal at their job: get students to learn & love math.

Here’s what I discovered & learned (in reverse chronological order):

  • Arithmetic, specifically just adding and multiplying numbers, can be beautiful (Art Benjamin’s presentation was awesome!)
  • Anything can be turned into a debatable activity (Chris Luz, @pispeak had a great presentation with tons of info!)
  • Debate is great for students for many, many reasons. To name a few:
    • Gets students thinking on both sides of an issue
    • Students can see when it’s better to solve problems different ways (when you force them to choose one side and debate 1 on 1 with a classmate)
    • Makes it exciting
    • A bunch of other reasons I didn’t write down.
  • Giving students a framework/vocabulary for debate makes “attacks” less personal and more appealing.
  • Physics Educational Research–Physics teachers have already done the research in how to best teach Physics. Wow, how didn’t I know this already? Lots to look for here before I start class in 2 weeks. *gulp* (Thanks Eric!)
  • Bree (@btwnthenumbers) shared how she uses Evernote (why haven’t I really used it before?!?) to organize her MTBoS material. I need to get better at sorting things right when I read them and Evernote can help do that as long as I’m diligent while I’m reading.
  • I need to go through the 200+ bookmarks I’ve saved into Chrome but never looked at again. Why didn’t I realize that I don’t look at those?!?
  • Alex Overwijk & Mary Bourassa shared how to get students to ask good questions: it’s by making them reflect on what makes a good question and putting a poster of what they realize on the wall (okay, it’s a little more than that, but I wrote the rest down in my notes, okay?)
  • Trader Joe’s doesn’t open until 8am. Why?!? No idea.

I’ve also met someone who:

  • Shares a last name with me.
  • Taught with my father-in-law (Nicole Paris, @solvingforx)
  • Teaches in my former “hometown” (Mary Brown, @marybachbrown)
  • Went to my college (okay, so I already knew you two, Anna & Julie!)
  • Shares a room with me (well, okay, Jamie, @jrykse, & I had planned that out ahead of time though we had never met in person)

Looking forward to more fun tomorrow!


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  1. Thanks for the recap, Nice to meet a fellow Newman!

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