“What’s a Good Question?” Activity

Today I did Alex Overwijk’s “What’s a Good Question?” activity, down to using the very same image.

Here’s the Google Presentation I made to go with the activity:

(Link to the document if the above embedding doesn’t work)

One think I did to add to Alex’s activity was at the beginning, when my students (who are seniors) were having trouble writing down more than a few questions (even though I asked for any and all questions!). I decided to talk about the paper clip challenge involving divergent thinking. They were inspired when they heard that kindergartners do the best on the “test”.

After that short 5-ish min test (I had them do the challenge and then just talked about it, but next time I might show the video!), students went back to the question-writing with more vigor, and the rest of the lesson went very well.

Here are some questions:



How much glycogen does it need to survive?

How much glycogen does it need to survive?

Best question (my opinion) and the one we actually tackled:

How many ppl would it take to hug the entire trunk?

How many ppl would it take to hug the entire trunk?

Here are some of the answers to “What makes a good question?” snowball:






And then we had time for the “tree hugging” question!





There were 15 people in the class at the time (of course nearly half the class is dismissed on a field trip when I go to do this critical lesson!) so we were able to test out and see if our estimations (ranging from 13 to 16 people) was reasonable.

One Big Tree!

One Big Tree!

They agreed that it looked pretty reasonable!


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