End of Year Shots

The students are gone (well, graduation is tomorrow), and I’m cleaning up my room for the last time here at Rehoboth. I’m actually starting to get a bit nostalgic already, so I started taking pictures of things around the room. Thought I’d share them here, perhaps to remind myself next year of what worked and what didn’t.

2016 Board

I found this from someone else online (I gave them credit in a previous post) and it started several students talking about math between classes!

Tutoring Sign-ups

Tutoring sign-up. Each of these sheets has about ~35 names, so in all I helped over students 300 times in tutoring. Most of those came right before report cards.

Hall Pass + Mole

Found an old “Laser Disk” and turned it into a hall pass. Oh, and a student crocheted me a mole for extra credit (back when I gave it) for Mole Day!


Agenda on the wall. I used to write this daily, but I forgot so many days. Doing it weekly gave students a heads up, told absent students what we did yesterday, and had all week’s homework up there. Definitely do this “weekly” again next year.

Messy Drawer

The right side of this picture is older stuff and left is newer. Used to give extra credit “choice cards” for doing your HW, always need tape for labeling chemistry glassware, gum for chemistry’s gum lab, dice are important for any math teacher to have, and the box of orange markers for students to grade themselves. I’ll be taking much of that with me.

Mole Day Moles

Ahh, back when I did “Participation Points”, students could bring in a mole for Mole Day. One cunning student even brought in a mole with Avogadro’s number (6.02*10^23) on it. Future students were allowed to look up and see the mole on any quiz or test where they needed it.


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