New Teaching Job in MD!

Our family moved to Maryland this summer to be closer to our family and I applied to a new school system: the Frederick County Public Schools. I just got a job and will be teaching math to 8th graders at Monocacy Middle School. I’ll have five classes: one Algebra I and four 8th Grade Math Classes. Even though I’ve loved teaching juniors and seniors the past five years, I’m excited about this teaching job for several reasons.

  • Middle schoolers are more excitable and can “get into” a fun lesson better the high schoolers.
  • There’s much less re-teaching because students forgot everything from the previous class. In Precalculus I would have to teach Algebra I & II all over again: now I’m just teaching it for the first time!
  • Eighth graders are like the seniors of middle school: they’re the most mature (or so I hear).
  • I was always annoyed by how many lessons online were for Algebra I and middle school math because I taught Precalculus. Now I can use all that cool stuff! (I’m looking at you, Barbie Bungee.)

So yeah, I’m excited about teaching. I get my own classroom, so I’m already brainstorming for how to put whiteboards everywhere on the walls, rearrange the desk for collaboration and de-centralization of the classroom, and looking at creating a “ninja-wall”. Of course, the school is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Incentive School) and has 101 other things that I need to learn about. I’m a little anxious about classroom management again (Jr’s and Sr’s are a breeze), but hopefully I’ll “catch my stride” in that sooner rather than later.

Time to start reading MTBoS posts on middle school math!


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