Vertical Paper Holder

New classroom, so I need somewhere to keep my papers. These things can be expensive!


So my new (mini) hobby is wood-working. And I just changed our license plates (don’t have to hand back NC or NM plates!), and my wife’s parents had a ton of old ones, so I thought I could make this for cheaper.


No glue, only two screws!


Hopefully they’re not spaced too far apart. May have some paper-curve issues.


My favorite is the last plate which reminds me of Toy Story 🙂


Alaska: not actually my plate, just found in Alaska when I was in HS.


So you can see how it was put together. Just one cut in the wood at an angle!

I put this all together in about an hour. Let me know if you want more of an explanation of how it was put together. If I had to re-do it, I might leave less space between the plates, but I can always use folders to make sure the papers don’t curve at the bottom.

It was entirely made from stuff I had lying around, so cost: $0.00. Saved $42.11.  🙂



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2 responses to “Vertical Paper Holder

  1. Amazing 🙂 An hour? What tools?

    • Good question! So I cut the diagonals, where the license plates fit, with a hand jigsaw. The jigsaw also cut up the 1″ x 2″ wood, which served as the “spine” and the front and back supports. I used 2″ construction screws, which are handy screws that have a drill bit on the tip of the screw. You could drill instead, but those speed up the process. And I think it was a 1/8″ drill bit to make 4 holes to hold the 2 dowel rods. They just wedge into the front and back supports, and go through all the license plates to keep them in place. You need to measure carefully to make sure that the “spine” and dowel rods are all flat, otherwise paper that you put in there will tip one way or the other. However, I didn’t use any glue, so, for example, I could take it apart and replace a dowel rod if one of those break (they’re somewhat fragile).

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