Even More Whiteboards!

I know that I just cut up a bunch of big 2′ x 4′ whiteboards the other day (or rather, had Lowes cut them up for me), but I had a few extra and thought that maybe I’d like some of the hand-held variety.

I had looked into these before, but was discouraged when I saw this:



So even at $7.81 per board (it’s on “sale” at $21 for three),  for 30 whiteboards, that would be more than $200!!

The large whiteboards at Lowes are <$15, even with having them cut it into quarters (my 2′ x 4′ rectangles). So you could buy a saw (mine was $30 at Lowes) and still not even get close to the price of buying these things online.

I cut mine into 8″ x 12″ because it went nicely into the three 2′ x 4′ boards.  Now I’ve got 34 small whiteboards[1]!  Here are pictures.


Looks jagged, but is fairly smooth.


Made lines in pencil first.


Halfway through this board. It’s good to hold it for the second half so it doesn’t twist off and give a bad rip in the middle. Or put it on two tables of equal height.


Some are cut; you see the clamps I used, as well as the jigsaw.


Done cutting!


The entire set of 36! You see the large whiteboards in the background. And yes that bench says “math”–it’s my father-in-law’s. He was a MS math teacher for 26 years.


[1] I have 36, but I got drill-happy before, so two of the boards have large 2″ holes near the middle of the board.



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