[Blaugust] Schedules

I’m kinda late hopping on the Blaugust bandwagon, but my second child was just born on August 1st (Daniel Frederick Newman!), so I’ll use that as my excuse for starting on the 3rd.


My personal goal is to blog every day this month. Starting now. Which will be difficult because during this month I’ll have (1) had a new son (check!), (2) started a new job, (3) at a new school, (4) in a new school district, (5) with new students, etc. So first thing is first: what’s the schedule?

Next week, all new teachers to Frederick County Public Schools (no, we did not name our son after the county/city!) report on monday with the following schedule:

FCPS new teache schedule.png

Looks like a typical new-teacher-orientation schedule, but now that I’m at my third teaching job (and third school, and third state, etc.), I’m starting to look more critically at how admin organizes teacher’s time. It’s great that they value teacher’s time (Monday & Thursday “report to your home school”, so presumably they’re giving teachers their own time to get ready for class). I’m curious to see what the “Professional Learning with Curriculum and specialty areas” looks like, though I think it’ll be a focus on the math curriculum that we’re to teach, along with strategies and resources for how to do so.

It makes me think back to my first year in NC, where the theme of the new-teacher-orientation seemed to be “don’t do this or that cause someone will sue you”. Here’s to hoping this one is more optimistic.

The following week is 4 days of all teachers coming back. Will be interested to see how much time we’re given in our own rooms at that point. The following week, on the 22nd, students arrive.

I hope to reflect throughout the process of starting at a new school. Even though it’ll be tough to keep up, this Blaugust challenge should help me organize my thoughts and challenge me to reflect more than I usually do when working.



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