[Blaugust] MTBoS = Awesome

Today I wanted to say how awesome the #MTBoS is. I always knew it was, but it was reiterated to me this week.


I’m new to 8th grade math and I’m new to teaching ELL (English Language Learner) inclusion classes. After asking around on Twitter, I was quickly pointed to Heather Kohn (@heather_kohn), who teaches ELL. She instantly sent me an email with resources, from her blog and a google drive folder of resources!

Then the next day a fellow MTBoS teacher in my district, Nicole Paris (@solvingforx), also teaches 8th grade, and sent me a google drive folder from her 8th grade math team at her school, with the words “you are welcome to use and modify as you’d like”.

It’s incredible how sharing the MTBoS is, and how quick they are to help out fellow teachers. Thank you, everyone!!

Now I’ve just got to start reading everything… 🙂


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