[MTBoSBlaugust] How to Organize My Materials

Oh yeah, it’s the last day of my summer break and I haven’t done my daily blog for Blaugust…


I’ve heard of lots of ways to organize materials. I attended one session on this at TMC15 and I’m sorry, I forgot who was leading it, but they showed how awesome evernote can be used to save stuff really quickly, with evernote clipper and tagging and all.

Unfortunately I always forget to look there later.

The way that worked best for me was I made a Google Spreadsheet (I love spreadsheets the best of all of Google Drive’s stuff) which went standard by standard and included textbook pages, notes for me to remember, lesson/task ideas, and other online resources. Since I lesson planned from that, I would actually see things that I wanted saved for later. Not as fast as evernote web clipper, but one day I’ll go through my evernote clippings and throw them into the spreadsheet.

Now that I’m teaching Common Core classes, I’ll have those standards in that spreadsheet as well. Here’s a glimpse:

Screenshot from 2016-08-07 22-35-54.png

**UPDATE** Martin requested that I link the document (viewable, but you could make a copy), so here it it (8th grade Math).

No, I don’t have much done for the last day of summer, but if I use this consistently, as I did last year (for the most part), then every time I see a good resource (and have the time/wherewithal to insert it), then I’ll actually have it available to consider when I’m deciding what to do.

My biggest problem right now is that I have no idea how capable these students are. Not all 8th graders are the same, not that I have any idea how capable your typical 8th grader is. It’s definitely something I’ll have to get a feel for, so because of that, I want lots of starting activities prepared on the first few week’s topic because I want all the students to feel successful early on.


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