[MTBoSBlaugust] First Day of New Teacher Orientation

The county’s first day of the new teacher orientation (new to the district) wasn’t too bad.


Sure, it had the 45 minutes of technology in which I learned that I need to investigate Pear Deck. But that’s mostly because I had already done Google Classroom back in NM, and it was probably helpful for most people. I got a few more ideas for teaching, but what was most helpful was the afternoon, where we got to leave the district-wide location and go to our individual schools. Once there, a fellow teacher gave us an “insider” tour of the HS. That’s the kind of thing that a teacher can do even better than an administrator.

I was reminded how bare my classroom walls are. Found out where the laminator is (we can’t use it since some teachers are irresponsible–only parent volunteers who have been trained may use it, though they’ll do the work for you!). But because there’s a new principal, there were going to be several new procedures, so there’s a lot yet to learn.

Funny Event of the Day

I was planning on recreating Sarah’s “How to Learn Math SBG” poster in my room:


I walked into the 7th grade math teacher’s room adjacent to mine (she’s new to the school, as well, but not new to the system) and saw this:


Good news: there’s another teacher in the school who reads online blogs, and hopefully uses SBG! Now I need to decide how I want to “make it my own” so it doesn’t look like I copied the teacher next door, ha!

Cool Event of the Day

We were exploring the “tech shop” and I found out that one of the teachers back there has a few 3D printers! Awesome!!! I’ve gotta talk to them and see if they’ll let us use that some in math class. Not sure how, but I want to learn!


Lots to think about, not enough time to think/do. Need sleep so I can do lots tomorrow.


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