[MTBoS Blaugust] Pencil Sharpeners

I had an idea concerning pencil sharpeners, and wanted to share what I’m going to do this year for them.


Previous Experience

When I first started teaching (6th grade), I remember going through a few electric pencil sharpeners. They were expensive (for pencil sharpeners), usually loud, and broke/jammed when a students tried to sharpen crayons (or sometimes just colored pencils).

For a little while that year I used small hand-held pencil sharpeners, but they were invariably lost or stolen.

At my last school (11th + 12th grade), I had an electric sharpener that works for a long time, though there was a bare wire towards the end of its life, and it would spark every time someone used it. After it finally died, I just sent students who needed to sharpen pencils to the next room down[1].


I like the idea of how quiet a hand-held pencil sharpener is, so I thought “what if I just made it a bit bigger so it doesn’t walk off?”  Gorilla glue it to a large durable plastic cup, so that it’s super-easy to discard the shavings, and write “Mr. Newman” in big letters on the whole thing. So that’s what I did.


Supplies: hand-held pencil sharpener[2], clamps, plastic cups, and Gorilla Glue


Did you know: Gorilla Glue actually requests that the surface be damp!


In the clamping process


Finished product


Just gotta write “Mr. Newman” on them.

These will go at the center of three edges of my room, on three “student supply centers”. That way students can go to the nearest edge of the room to sharpen pencils, get tissues, etc, and be the least disruptive possible.

These should be quiet, clean, and less desirable to steal than others.

Oh, and all the cups + pencil sharpeners cost less than $5!


[1] I didn’t have my own classroom anyways so I would have had to invest in multiple pencil sharpeners in order to cover all the classrooms I used.

[2] I was actually looking for the square ones cause I thought they’d be cheaper, but this is all Walmart had!


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  1. druinok

    I love that they have their own built in trash can! 🙂

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