[MTBoS Blaugust] First Teacher Day Back

Today was busy, yet had very few meetings. The day officially started at 11:30 because we had to (got to?) stay until 7pm for back-to-school night. One parent already informed me that she found my “blog”. I’m really hoping she’s referring to my teacher website from before, but at least I stand by this blog as a fair representation of what I do in the classroom. 🙂


Our all-staff meeting was only an hour this morning, which was nice, thought a lot of info came at me at the end and I still feel like I’m missing something.

After that, we were allowed to continue working on our classroom, presumably to get ready for back-to-school night, but I was just worried about Monday. I’m still waiting for the laminator (why doesn’t Google spellcheck recognize that as a legitimate word?!) to work. Or, more accurately, be worked by someone who knows what they’re doing so I can get my “things to go up on the wall” all laminated.  Therefore my classroom was quite bare, but I was able to use the one-liner “sorry that my classroom isn’t set up, I just moved from New Mexico” and that worked great as a conversation starter.

I did end up putting QR codes around the room: my resume website, http://www.remind.com codes, a math comic, the mathcounts website, previous student work, among other things. Most students and/or parents had a smartphone, but most of those didn’t seem to want to spend that much time in the room. And several said that they didn’t have a QR code reader installed on their phones. Oh well, hopefully it impressed the few parents/students who did check them out.

Speaking of impressed, I was also able to impress a few students by already having their names known. I didn’t know them immediately, but after a second I could recall a few. Now I just need to keep studying them until I’ve got them really down before Monday rolls around.

Okay, it’s late and I’ve got a full days worth of meetings tomorrow. We’re in the “everything feels blurry” phase right now[1]. Why is that?


[1] Yes, my contacts are out, but no, that’s not what I’m talking about!



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2 responses to “[MTBoS Blaugust] First Teacher Day Back

  1. druinok

    Sounds like parent night went well! I love the QR code idea!

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