[MTBoS Blaugust] All-Math Teacher Workday

Today we went to our county-wide math curriculum meeting. Fortunately the people in charge recognize that there’s a wealth of good information/teaching already sitting in the room, so they did this thing called “ED Camp” where teachers teach each other.


Nicole Paris (@solvingforx) even led a session on Desmos, but I had two other sessions I felt I had to go to. Looking back I wish I had gone to at least one of hers, but I’ve learned my lesson.

Again, the most helpful was getting to lesson plan and talk about the specifics of my school with the other 8th grade math teacher. She didn’t think that 26 squares was bat-poo crazy, so I’m really glad of that. The more I work with her, the more I’m excited to get to teach parallel to her.

Assessment came up and the consensus was to not allow retakes, but to allow quiz corrections to get credit back on the quiz. I’m cool with that, mostly because it sends the message “this stuff you didn’t learn is still important for you to learn” but I want to introduce some kind of review into the assessments, so I’ll have to work on those as they come up and share that with my grade level.

Whew, it’s late and I have a big day tomorrow, so I’m going to stop here and blog much more tomorrow night.


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