[MTBoS Blaugust] Informal Lesson Plans

It’s been years since I’ve written/typed a formal lesson plan. I often would use Google Calendar to plan the day out (since it’s so easy to add, edit and move things around) and/or use the whiteboard where I write the day’s/week’s “agenda” to mentally go through each day. So I was a little nervous with my principal asked for a “weekly plan” sent to her before the week began.


However, as I began working on it, I realized that this forced me to think through the details that I so often overlook. I was very glad of the exercise and think it was time well spent.

I’d like to share those plans here. Several documents I’ve created/stolen are linked here, so I’d like to give credit to those sources. Thanks to Fawn Nguyen for the visual patterns and ideas for warm-ups all 5 days.  Thanks to Alex Overwijk for the 26 squares idea. Thanks to Julie Reulbach and NCTM Illuminations for the Cheez-it rational approximation of the irrational root idea. Thanks to my co-workers for fleshing out some ideas with me and making these more palpable. I’m sure there’s still some work to be done on these.

(Link in case iframe doesn’t work)

Please give me feedback on my informal lesson plans!

One request for ideas: what do people do early in the year when students are finishing quizzes at different times? I don’t have a good idea for Friday yet.  Thanks!



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2 responses to “[MTBoS Blaugust] Informal Lesson Plans

  1. Love your plans! While it can be time-consuming, writing out the outline helps me stay on track. One suggestion from my research … write out a high-level, critical thinking question for each day as well.

    Post a puzzle or two in your room for early finishers. The four four’s challenge (use 4 4’s, all operations, to make the numbers 1 – 50) makes a good one. Invite students to put their solutions on a chart.

    • Yeah, I used to have the “2016” puzzle like that (use 2, 0, 1, and 6 to make all numbers 1-100), so I need to put something like that up around my room now.

      The high-level, critical thinking question for each day is harder for me, and something I definitely need to work on.

      Thanks for reading and sharing!

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