[MTBoS Blaugust] First Day!

I’m supposed to do a play-by-play of my entire day today, but it’s late and I need sleep more than I need the recap, so brief, brief recap to help me remember this later.


Got there at 7am, but felt like students were walking in the door 2 minutes later (it was really 8:00am, but oh well). Had 2 hours with “homeroom”, but finished all the things we were supposed to do in ~45 minutes. Oops. Fortunately I know a thing or two about having extra time, so I drew chomp on the board and we played for an hour. The kids loved it and I felt good about getting them to do logical thinking without knowing it.

After 2 fast planning periods, I pulled off my first day pretty well. I need to get clearer on my instructions, especially for the merit classes, but once everyone gets into the rhythm of warm-ups and ticket outs, they’ll all run much more smoothly.

That’s it for now, on to day 2!


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