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[DITL] September 22nd

6:05 am

I wake up to my phone alarm (my back-up alarm) for the first time this year. Guess I’ve been “thinking about too much” this year to get a really good night’s sleep.


7:00 am

After getting ready, I’m driving to work. Only a ~10 minute commute.

7:10 am

I get to school and begin getting ready. Today is a half-day (end of mid-term/quarter) so there’s no ELT (homeroom). Here’s schedule. (I only put up my classes, 3rd – 7th pd.)


9:20 am

The morning has flown by, but I got organized and was proud of how “ready” each of the things on my desk were. See photos.



Also had the agendas ready. I’ve been better about that this year.


10:36 am

3rd and 4th periods went pretty smoothly (you can see the agenda for a synopsis). I’m really excited to be using Pear Deck and I hope I am able to get it ready for many future lessons.

I announced the winners of the “Amazing Amusement”, my weekly challenge, and I made the girl in 4th period excited. When you win my weekly challenge, you get to a bag of fruit snacks (no candy allowed at our school) and you get to put your name on the Wizard Wall. I’d show you a picture of it, but it has student names on it. Here’s the winner’s work (shortest, most accurate route).


Unfortunately the 6th period student wasn’t in school today, but she does read my blog so maybe she’ll find out she won right here!

For 5th period (Algebra) I got a short 3-act lesson on taxis ready and, though we didn’t finish it, the students enjoyed using the VNPS (whiteboards on the walls). See photos.





And the results of their work:


1:00 pm

The bell rings for the end of the day and I’m a little frustrated at my 7th period because they began putting up chairs and packing up with 2 minutes left while I was showing a video (meat-o-morphosis intro to functions). Well, I guess I should have known: the end of a short day before a long weekend.

4:30 pm

I’m typing up this post because I really want to get home so we can head to the beach! I’m not nearly ready for Monday yet, but I’ll bring grades with me to the beach and hopefully, despite not having internet, I’ll get some work done in preparation for Monday. Where did the last three and a half hours go?!? At least my room is somewhat clean.



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