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Slow Down: Children Present

I’ve got a problem.  My problem is that I get excited about what I teach.  No, that’s not the problem–the problem is that when I do get excited, I talk fast.  Too fast for my students to understand me.  I know this because my principal gave a generic “how’s the class going/comments/suggestions” survey to a few of my classes and about 45 of the 51 students who took the survey mentioned that I talked too fast.  Oops.

So the very next day, I created a new participation points job: the “slow-down-Mr.-Newman-you’re-talking-way-too-fast” sign holder.  See explanation Powerpoint below:

Here’s the sign with front & back:

Please, consider them!

Please consider them!

Just like iTunes...

Just like iTunes…

Students may sign up for the role at the beginning of the week and all their job is to listen carefully as they are taking notes, and if I start talking too fast, they simply hold up the sign.

The first day I was very conscious not to talk too fast simply because I knew the sign was “out there”, but hopefully this can help me become a better teacher in the future.



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