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Survey Results: Student Responses to SBG

This was my first year using standards based grading (SBG) so I was really interested what the students had to say about SBG.

I asked the question: “If I told you that I was getting rid of the standards grading for next year and started grading like a “normal” teacher[1], what would you say?”

I’ve tried to categorize the responses a bit, but I didn’t get every response, just a sampling of as many types of responses as I could. [2]

The Negative & Thoughtless


Not to do that. It wouldn’t be fair.

These Students are a Product of The Current Grading System in our Schools [3]

I would like it because I would know my grade like A,B,C,or F I like percent grades on test or quizzes

Yeah! I can know my letter grade now!

I would be okay with it. Only if retakes are still there. I constantly freak out about what my grade is in a class at a specific point in the year but I don’t like it that I have to wait until a quarter or half quarter comes up.

The Resigned

it wouldn’t be as good but since we’ve done it all through school we wouldn’t mind.

It kind of helped I just sucked at physics

The Silly

Doesn’t matter, I graduate! 🙂

Good for them.


Aw duck yeah let’s go!

The Positive

I prefer the standard grading. It eases my understanding of my level.

I would say that would be cool, but I’ve learned to liked the standards grading.

The Positive & Thought-provoking

You would have to teach a lot slower than what you are doing and make sure that everyone knows what is happening. Right now you teach really fast And most of the time I don’t fully understand what is going on so the standards help because I can retake it.

That would be fine. I did fine, better than Pre-Calculus, but I can’t use the “multiple chances” to take quizzes as well due to my extra-curriculars I take throughout the year.

I would totally not like it…. because the way you grade makes student get a perfect score because if you miss just one question you get down to 70. And the fact that we get to retake our quizzes and correct the wrong answers help me understand the topic even more. [4]

The SBG Poster-child Quotes

Noooooooooo! I really like the system you have set up since it gave me numerous of chances to make my grade better. I also like how you made everything a standard that all builds on each other.

I say keep the grading scale it may be hard to get use to but I think it really helps us learn the material better.

The standards were good because it allowed students to go back and fix their grades. It would let them see what they would need to fix and they can go back to fix it if they had wanted to

It would be like a “normal” class. The way your grading standards are set, really helped me.

I’ve come to really like the 1,2,3,4 grading system. It’s really helpful so you can see exactly what you need to improve on. It’s also a lot easier to improve your grade because you can take as many quizes as you want every week.

At the beginning of the yr I did not like the system but as the end of the year started to come around I began to like it. I am glad that I have the opportunity to retake stuff that I did not understand because we learned it super fast and did spend time on it. This grading system also puts students grades their responsibility….it is their job to work at their grades

I love the standard system and it makes it very easy to keep track of what I need to work on and I’m able to look at my grades instead of asking you all the time. Please don’t get rid of standards!

Like I said, I tried to keep the ratios honest, but I don’t know whether I did that completely. Some students are still stuck in “A-B-C-F” mode, but many (most?) recognized the benefits of SBG and came to appreciate this grading system. This was pleasantly surprising, and a big mark in SBG’s favor.

So I managed to convince my students, despite my bumbling, first-year attempt at this. Now I just need to convince my colleagues of the advantages of SBG. Or at least make them aware of the system and the potential it possesses.


[1] Students don’t have a solid grasp of what “SBG” is, hence my attempt to clarify the question. Despite this (or because of it), they saw it as “all the stuff that I do differently than most other teachers at our school” which includes things like re-taking quizzes or allowing them to do quiz-corrections. These are results of my flavor of SBG, but students aren’t professional educators, so they don’t recognize the difference.

[2] I didn’t want edit these responses, so I apologize for terrible grammar/spelling. To their defense, many of them had to do this on an iPad, and my hands start to shake if I have to type too much on an iPad.

[3] They were frustrated that they didn’t know/couldn’t find out their letter grade unless it was a report card. I was frustrated that I had to change my grades into an “A, B, C, F” letter grade.

[4] I think this is a product of my grading scale being 1 to 4. Rick Wormeli pointed out that students will associate 1 with D/F, 2 with C, 3 with B, and 4 with A. OR they’ll think in terms of percentage as this student is: 4 is 100%, 3 is 75%, 2 is 50%, etc. The student also has the misconception that a 4 is “perfect” rather than “mastery”. I worked some to clarify that, but apparently not enough.

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Survey Results: Pace of Class

I just did anonymous student surveys via Google Forms today and, among other things, I found this little nugget of info:

The pace of the class was…

Way too fast (I was constantly behind) 1 2%
A little too fast (I was behind a good bit) 24 41%
Just right. 27 46%
A little too slow (I wanted a little more challenge) 5 8%
Way too slow (I wanted a much bigger challenge) 2 3%


I’m pleasantly surprised by these results (not all of my students were present today, but this represents a majority of them).

What do you think we should be shooting for as teachers?

I believe that, if possible, all students should feel a little “pressed” and “stretched”. I’m actually shocked more students didn’t feel completely overwhelmed[1]. I think it depends on the student whether they should feel “just right”. The student who can really identify when they’re learning knows that being just a little “pressed” or “stretched” is “just right”, although I don’t know how many of my students have that acute an understanding of their own learning.

If I had to pick any two categories to get 87% of the votes in, it would be those two, so I am definitely pleasantly surprised by these results. I definitely have SBG to thank for helping me identify whether the class, as a whole, is able to “move on”.

Now time to see if I can push just a little faster next year (I was “behind” where I was last year, when I didn’t do SBG).


[1] Perhaps those are the same students who would not come to class on the last day of school? Or not feel like providing any feedback and just pretend to take the survey?

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