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LaTeX Made Easier

So I’ve yet to use LaTeX in my website, but I did have to write a thesis back in math grad school, and of course everyone used LaTeX for everything, not just the math equations.  We were all so proud of our work because LaTeX just made the words look good.  Of course, we also knew the trick of never writing a thesis in LaTeX from scratch because then you’d have to figure out what the 20 header lines meant–it was much easier to ask your fellow grad student for their thesis template and use that.  Of course, they got their thesis template from another grad student and so on, so it makes you wonder “who wrote the first thesis template that every math grad student in America is probably using??”

Anyway, I found this cool Google Chrome app called “Daum Equation Editor” to help people who don’t want to get their hands dirty with the LaTeX code yet want to write pretty equations in their blog.  Don’t forget to put “$latex” before what you want to change to latex and “$” at the end of the statement.  Here are some examples where I just copied what I created in the app:

f(x)=\frac { 3+2x }{ 5 }

\log _{ 2 }{ 8 } =3

2{ H }_{ 2 }+{ O }_{ 2 }\longrightarrow 2{ H }_{ 2 }O

Note: Some of the above took more than one attempt to get WordPress to show the correct formula rather than just text.  Just copying it again solved the problem.


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