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[MTBoS] Mission #4: Infinite Tangents Podcasts

Having attended many Global Math meetings, I became super-excited about the “Autumn Special”, which is packed with rock-stars great teachers & presenters and generally awesome people.  Unfortunately, my school’s internet has been awful lately [1], so I was unable to hear the presenters.

However, I am fortunate that this happened because it turned my attention to Ashli Black’s (@mythagon) podcast: Infinite Tangents.  I had listened to her first podcast several months ago and had every intention of continuing to use them, but the problem is that I don’t regularly listen to podcasts, so I don’t have a program or a method to “catch up” with podcasts like I do with blogs [2].  I also don’t really commute to work [3], so I don’t often have that time where I can just listen and work on what I’m doing.

So I was very excited to find that my iPad has been faithful in keeping the Infinite Tangents podcast up to date, so I didn’t need internet in order to listen to some of the older podcasts. The one I chose to listen to was episode 103 interviewing Tina Cardone (@crstn85) of Drawing on Math.

Her first topic was about this program in Boston called PROMYS, which is where advanced students and teachers work through problem sets and learn advanced math through discovery.  I loved math/science camp when I was a kid, but never imagined there was something like that for teachers.  Unfortunately Tina pointed out that most teachers who attend the program are Boston locals or commuters because there’s no boarding available, and living in New Mexico makes it kinda a long commute.  That’s probably for the best because I already have a lot I want to do this summer between TMC, going to a Modeling workshop, and just visiting friends and family in MD and NC.

She went on to talk about Productive Struggle, which I subscribe to, but have only submitted one or two times.  I could definitely blog about that more and help my own teaching out by explaining all the times I’ve given lessons that have been total flops.

One of the great things that Ashli does is she has a handful of neat questions that really help you get to know these people whose blogs you read & follow but, unless you are fortunate enough to attend TMC, never really get to know as people.  I certainly plan to make time to listen to Infinite Tangents in the future!


[1] I live in housing provided by my school, and we live close enough that we don’t have to pay for internet: we can steal our school’s internet.  Which is great except for when the internet is awful at school, so it becomes frustrating at work and at home.

[2] I use Feedly and there’s always too much backed up on there for me to finish it all in one sitting.

[3] I walk to school and it takes me about 50 seconds. See footnote #1.


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