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Goals for the Year

I was encouraged/challenged by Tina Cardone’s Goal-setting. These four are copied from my PDP (personal development plan) that I shared with my principal.

  1. Build a repository (my website) for students to access based on individual standards: resources for learning, vocabulary, practice, and a clear definition of the standard are all included in this.
  2. Students who do not pass an essential standard will have parent communication and focused help on how to study for the next test.
  3. Begin more units with the situations, rather than the math. Have the math arise out of the natural curiosity about a situation, rather than artificially starting with the abstract.
  4. Emphasize PQ’s as a way of connecting math to students’ faith and personal lives.

I like Tina’s student goals–so I’m stealing them. I think they’re two that I’ve tried to do in the past, though without telling the students in a straightforward way. It’s a great idea to actually tell the students what we think they should be able to do.

  1. Students will develop a growth mindset.
  2. Students will acquire responsibility for their learning.

At a Rick Wormeli conference I attended last year, he talked about how SBG enables students to take responsibility for their own learning. I’m going one step further by eliminating my Participation Points scheme, therefore cutting away any kind of “fluff” to a student’s grade. Their grade is simply a snapshot of what they know at that moment. Teacher goal 1 should help students acquire responsibility, though only if I work with students individually and remind them of how to study.

Here’s a sheet I created to staple to any quiz that a student receives a “not yet” on any assessment. Notice the place for parent signatures and parent/teacher initials when they observe the student carrying out their study plan that day. If they don’t follow through with their plan, or it proves ineffective (low assessment score again) then it’s a phone call home and a “can you encourage them to come to tutoring?” talk.

Here’s the Practice/Study Schedule for Retakes in .docx and .pdf (scribd still isn’t working for me).

Practice/Study Schedule for Retakes


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