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Student’s Reflection on the 3D Orbitals Lesson

Students can earn “Participation Points” in my class by reflecting on their class through blogging.  Here’s what one student blogged concerning the lesson I posted the other day.

Today’s fourth hour chemistry class was very helpful for me to understand the lesson that was given about electrons and their orbital “clouds.” The work that was assigned for the class was helpful for me since we were allowed to work with the crome books. It also  challenged  my lab partner and I to think about the information given to us in order to draw a conclusion. We worked with a unique 3-demensional feature that allowed us to observe different orbitals at different energy levels and orientations. We also connected the lesson to the periodic table and how what we learned affected how it was put together. At the end of the lesson, we were given an activity that challenged us to help us locate an electrons orbital cloud, energy level and orientation. Overall, I enjoyed the lesson since it challenged me to think further and draw conclusions about the gathered information. I honestly think that more lessons should be taught throught this teaching method since its allows students to challenge themselves to think further about the information.

Needless to say, I was proud of the lesson, of the student’s desire to be challenged, and of the student’s reflection!  Here’s to hoping I can put quality time into my lesson planning to create more lessons like this in the future!

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