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Teaching and Coaching

I’m convinced that I’m a worse teacher during tennis season, while I coach. The students & parents came to me about a year and a half ago having heard that I played tennis back in high school, “so you can coach, right?”  I can coach many of them because there are so many beginners, but that’s not my point. The problem with coaching is how much time it takes, and while I appreciate the input I can give into students’ lives as a coach, it has definitely affecting my teaching. When I’ve got 4 (really 5) different preps, I need time to prepare each of the classes, and I’m just not doing that as well as I do in the fall when I’m not coaching.

The tennis season ends in a week and a half, and I really hope to get back to better teaching practices and spend more time improving my teaching through the math-twitter-blog-o-sphere. Hopefully I am wisely using the time I have with the players to teach them outside the classroom & hopefully I am speaking wisdom into their lives in ways that I cannot in the classroom.

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