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[SBG] Improved Introduction to Students: Meme Version

Last year I created a Prezi to help me teach students about Standards Based Grading (SBG). It went okay. One of the best things I think I did for the introduction was waiting to hand back at least one quiz so students had something tangible to think about, rather than this abstract discussion on grades. They were hit immediately with the question “what does this 3 mean on this quiz?!?”

I’ve improved the Prezi so much that I basically created a new Prezi and copied just a few items from the old one. I thought more about the flow of discussion in the class that I wanted to have and as a result included some memes that I shared before (and some new ones that I created). Oh, and I’m using ActiveGrade this year, so I’ll certainly blog about that in the future.

Oh, and I wanted to thank Brian Carpenter for making such a great Prezi on grades. I borrowed one item (the Practice = Myelin production bit) and some ideas from his Prezi.

Feel free to use anything from the Prezi, or the entire Prezi! It’s public and reusable 🙂

If the Prezi doesn’t work above for you, click here.


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Augmented Reality: States of Matter

A while back I discovered that the awesome Augment company included animations in their models. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, but didn’t have enough time during the school year to work out the kinks.

Well, I finally have time this summer, and so I created three trackers which link to what particles look like in the three states of matter. Or at least as well as I could animate particles with my limited abilities. There’s plenty more than I want to animate, but for now this is something that should help my class and anyone with an iOS device or Android device can use. Just download the augment app (iOS or Android), click “scan” and scan the images below. It works much better if they’re printed out, but it will work on the screen if you want to try it out. I hope the images are self-explanatory for which image links with which type of matter.

gas-zoom liquid-zoom solid-zoom


Here are some videos of the 3D objects. Note: I’m using the standard augment tracker for the videos just cause I haven’t printed the above images yet, but the images above double as the image to scan and the tracker.

Now that I have discovered/understand the animation feature of the augmented reality app, how else could you or I use this in class?!?

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